New Year, Same Old…

 - by JK

(as the saying goes) …Shit.

So, after all the partying, hangovers, reminiscing and resolutions; we are greeted by the daily grind.

In advertising, that means more last minute rush jobs, late nights, over-the-weekend special bonuses and new business pitches. No one said it was going to be easy, but I think we addies somehow enjoy the pain.

Here’s to another year of adver-chaos, no matter where you are. But for us in Boleh-land, don’t worry, CNY is just round the corner. You just got to love Malaysia sometimes!

Possibly what you can expect all over again this year, thanks to Advergirl:

It starts

Suddenly, on a late Friday afternoon..


But, but... it's the weekend?


All hands, heads, legs on deck!

Who's paying the pizza guy?

And they really believed that shit?

And they actually bought it; really?

Wasted effort, or strong initiative?

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