Jay Who?


I love my brew, occasional solitude and laidback tunes. Most people don’t get me, but the ones that do are my best buds. I sometimes choose to be ignorant, am also prone to wandering and slightly off the rocker – all the qualities needed to be a copywriter perhaps.

JK Image

I needed to show I own a desk, hence the angled shot...

Truth be told, I stumbled into advertising roughly 14 years ago. I sucked it up at various local ad shops before being picked by a direct marketing agency; where I honed my craft for over 7 years. Then I spent a few years in the digital arena as the lead for content development; while often being responsible for creative and strategy.

Then the call of entrepreneurship beckoned, and my new role is to do everything is takes to create compelling, standout pieces of communication. In other words, I am not only behind copy: but also ideas, projects and sometimes even the camera.

I’ve not written the absolute must-have book on advertising nor do I speak about the wonders of marketing and branding. But I do feel the need to voice my opinions and share my thoughts; hence this diminutive blog.

You might like what I have to say or could absolutely hate my guts; either way leave a comment or two. And since this site is ad-free and is not attempting to reach into your pocket; I accept all forms of donations.