Hire Jay


So you’re in the marketing department. Or maybe you are the marketing department.

You can’t afford a team of designers or writers. Or an agency to cater to your every marketing whim and fancy.

You know you have an awesome product or service to offer. But you don’t have the kind of marketing budget that can rival your biggest competitors.

Sell to Me

Any of the above ring a bell? Here’s where I say: at your service.

Yes, you are right. I am, after all, just a copywriter. Well, most of the time.

Because after roughly 14 years, you don’t just write anymore. You tend to look at the ‘bigger picture’ and how to use various marketing principles to solve things.

But none of that raising awareness or improving affinity stuff. I’m talking about getting people to buy your product or service; it’s all about making the sale.

Ultimately, you want to sell as much as possible and be as profitable as you can. But there will be many ‘experts’ out there trying to convince you otherwise with elaborate sounding strategies and mind-boggling creative executions. Who to trust? Follow your gut.

Eat or Be Eaten

Your profits being eaten into? Eat back... buuuurrrppp!

But you are still a sensible, careful person. You don’t just go around hiring people off the web. Though somehow you know you’ve got nothing to lose either, simply because:

  • You will be dealing with a seasoned industry professional with experience in almost every Advertising and Marketing field in Malaysia; including Digital/Interactive and Direct Marketing (the most underrated marketing principle ever!)
  • I’ve helped launch new products, set up and managed Facebook pages for multinational brands, written successful sales letters, strategised sales-driven advertising campaigns and even got an obscure website to page 1 in Google search results
  • Being in business myself allows me to understand what makes you tick and how important it is having a sound yet affordable marketing strategy in place. And also how partnering with the right people can make all the difference.

I understand your business is unique, which is why I believe you, and only you should be the one leading marketing efforts. Like everyone though, I’m sure you could use some help. This is where I come in – be it just for copywriting or to implement a lead-generating marketing plan.

And just so you know, I don’t fly solo. I  work with a few good partners in the fields of Graphic Design, Web Design, Branding and Motion Graphics.  This means you can enjoy top-to-bottom advertising services with all the bells and whistles as well, should you choose to.

Ready to make what could possibly be your best business decision ever?

Send me a message and we’ll talk with no obligations whatsoever. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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