10 possibly unrelated, but potentially amusing reasons to hire Jay

  1. As a copywriter, I copy all that I write… from my brain. Shhhhh!
  2. I am nothing without Microsoft Word spell-checker
  3. I think I hate the commercial breaks on TV more than anyone else
  4. I often use too many semicolons in my copy; I have no idea why
  5. I am listening to you; even when sometimes it doesn’t seem like it

    Pencil Pusher

    I push the pencil; and help pull in the sales...

  6. I hate meetings that drag on for more than an hour… let’s do the work already!
  7. I hate to be treated like a freaking walking dictionary
  8. I believe in responsible consumption; don’t bite off more than you can chew
  9. I like to work with people that like to work with me
  10. I love advertising. I hate advertising. You know?